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Neurologic Services

Vagus Nerve & Deep Brain Stimulators
Vagus Nerve Stimulator:
Vagus Nerve Stimulator therapy is now available to help control or stop recurrent seizures that medications are not controling well. Approved in 1997, Dr. Miller can evaluate, refer for stimulator placement, and then program the system using a VNS programming computer. Recently this treatment system has been approved to treat severe depression.

Deep Brain Stimulator:
Deep Brain Stimulators are approved to treat Parkinson's Disease and Essential Tremor that no longer respond to other medical treatments. A pacemaker-like device is attached to small electrode wires which are placed into specific regions of the brain by a neurosurgeon. The pacemaker-like device is then slowly adjusted by computer programming until the symptoms are controlled to a comfortable level. This process may take several hours and periodic adjustments may be required.
VNS Therapy System by Cyberonics
VNS Therapy System

Activa Therapy System by Medtronic
Activa Therapy System